This book focuses on Esri's ArcGIS functionality and presents many of the tools and techniques commonly used by public safety researchers, analysts, and practitioners. It gives simple steps for descriptive, exploratory, and explanatory mapping tasks and includes concise but meaningful discussions to let you critically assess and accurately apply the software to your own unique specialty. This provides a solid foundation for advanced spatial thinking and permits you to utilize geographic information systems (GIS) technology in your own innovative ways. Its comprehensive content makes it the perfect coursebook or reference manual for GIS users at all skill levels.



How to Use This Book

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CH 1: Introduction to Mapping and ArcGIS
CH 2: Communicating with Maps
CH 3: Map Design and Layout
CH 4: Spatial Data and Map Projections
CH 5: Geocoding Addresses and Working with XY Data
CH 6: Spatial and Tabular Joins
CH 7: Working with Attribute Tables
CH 8: Georectifying and Digitizing
CH 9: ArcToolbox and Geoprocessing
CH 10: Spatial Analyst Tools, Density Mapping, and 3D Modeling
CH 11: Identifying Significant Patterns and Hot Spots

CH 12: Online Mapping and

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